Purpose of the Company

Daryadarane Toos International Transport Company operates in the field of international trade consulting services and international road, rail, sea and combined transportation of goods.

The main goal of this organization is to provide international transportation services and international trade and transportation consulting services to exporters and domestic industry owners to increase the country’s export rate. The main activity field of Daryadarane Toos Company is the countries of the region and the CIS field, and it is expanding its target markets in European and East Asian countries.

Daryadarane Toos Company, with its special focus on rail transportation as an affordable and clean method of transportation, plays its social responsibility towards the environment and citizens, looking at the company’s rail transport statistics in recent years is a true evidence of this claim. Daryadarane Toos Company makes every effort to provide the best services in the international community as a representative of Iran in order to create value for the shareholders of the organization, stakeholders and customers and introduce a beautiful face of Iran to the international community.

Daryadarane Toos Company tries to improve their knowledge and skills by creating an educational and dynamic environment for employees, Professional staff can provide the best international consulting and transportation services to customers with complete mastery of foreign languages ​​and international trade rules.

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