Transit activities:

• Carrying transit cargo from all ports to other CIS countries, Federal Kurdistan, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. and vice versa.

• transportation and rail transit of all kinds of goods and containers between CIS countries

• Transit of goods from Turkey by rail and road using Iranian fleet to Turkmenistan and Afghanistan

• various petroleum product’s   Transit

Export and trade activities:

• Road and rail transportation of goods from other parts of Iran in various ways with the necessary guarantee to CIS countries, including Turkmenistan (direct, combined, Transshipment)

• Using rail transportation methods as a project in the transportation of goods, preparation and supply of Iranian and Russian wagons and presentation of route code

• Provide consulting and customs services to minimize costs, determine the appropriate route and equipment according to the characteristics of cargo in each project

• Marketing and making supply of all authorized export goods for foreign markets

• Specializes in glass transport using experienced fleet and dedicated machinery

• Specialization in transporting traffic goods and special cargoes at a reasonable cost

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