Sales collaboration system

Dear Colleague!

Affiliate marketing at Daryadarane Toos is result of the interaction and cooperation of a group of activists with experience in e-commerce market with the aim of generating revenue and developing e-commerce and earning money from the Internet for webmasters and Internet activists.

By registering in the sales cooperation system of Daryadarane Toos International Transportation Company, you will have an account on our behalf. Then you can get the general and required training on the sale of transportation and commercial services, and after studying and concluding the contract that exists in your account, start your work.

It should be noted that your interests in this company will be fully preserved not only during the cooperation but also as long as the effects of your activity exist.

Advantages of the Sales collaboration System of Daryadarane Toos International Transportation Company:
1. pay the highest commission, 30 percent of service profit as fees
2. clear monthly settlement + instant settlement at the request of the user with a minimum ceiling
3. Powerful and transparent software system in how to function and sell services and calculate your commission
4. Tracking the orders registered in the panel every moment 

5. 24-hour support by email and phone

We are proud of cooperation with you!

You now join to our Sales collaboration system!


Sales of Transport and International Commercial Services:

The sale of transportation services can be seen as a new approach to international marketing and business. Selling international transportation services in simple language means connecting businessmen and international transport companies with each other to export or transit commercial goods by road, rail, sea and air.

for the first time Sales Collaboration System used, by the company for the sale of transportation and international business services.

This means that a person interested in trade and commerce with detailed study of the different parts of this site reaches a relative familiarity with the transportation of international and foreign trade and then can significant revenue gain with marketing in this field.

The type of financial agreement and the sales process:

To protect the interests of itself and its partners, Daryadarane Toos International Transport Company concludes a contract before the start of the selling services process. In the agreement, the interests of both sides has been considered and the rights and responsibilities for each one is clear. The important point in the contract is that as long as the company is introduced to the customer by the sales partner, it will be considered in the revenue from that percentage of the sales partner and will be included in their account.

Our affiliate, has the role of a forwarder that provides a bridge between the owners and the company.

The owners of the product refers to all those in need receive services such as the movement of goods from one country to another, customs services, port services and other services of this kind.

Affiliate, with Search among the sites of factories and businessmen can find owners and traders. 

In all during this process if you need information or advice, Company sales personnel are 24 hours a day to provide information and answer questions of their sales partners.