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About Us

About us:

The company is placed in Mashhad, the center of commerce and international transportation of CIS.

Darya darane  Toos International Transport Company was established in 1997 under the supervision of the International Association of Iranian Transportation Companies and the International IRU Association And with the idea of supporting the international industry and trade, it has been involved in the movement of goods by land, air and sea. One of the important advantages of our Company is the possibility of transporting all kinds of cargo from origin to different destinations using combined transportation method and providing delivery guarantee.

With 22 years of experience, The Company has been able to provide a good background in the field of transportation in accordance with modern European standards, CMR insurance contract and FBL international bill of lading insurance. 

All of our fleets are equipped with GPS, which gives us the ability to monitor the fleet and cargo. Therefore, in case of any problem or accident, the necessary arrangements will be made at the first opportunity.

Our main goals are:

• supporting customer’s business development

• Creating a sense of security during transportation

Transit  :

As one of the most experienced shipping companies in Iran, Darya darane Toos Company has the ability to carry any kind of goods from or to Iran or other parts of Central Asia, East Asia and the Persian Gulf countries. The Company also has representatives in Europe, Turkmenistan, India, Iraq, Afghanistan and Turkey.


Darya darane Toos as an international shipping company, has the ability to provide shipping services to many large and small companies. Darya darane toos Company is also capable of managing customers’ maritime customs services. Our specialty is shipping advice for carrying various cargoes with 20, 40 foot and refrigerator containers.

Rail transportation:

In 2018, the company was able to transit 400,000 tons of sulfur to Bandar Abbas from Turkmenistan by rail. At present, Darya darane Toos Company has representation in the field of CIS and most of the projects of this company are in Russia, Turkey, etc., which are done with the lowest cost and the best way to transport your goods. this group has paid special attention to rail transportation and has been able to export and transit a large volume of goods annually through rail transport.

Combined transport :

Darya darane toos is able to provide combined transportation services to all domestic customs as well as foreign transit to CIS countries such as (Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, etc.) Russia, Iraq, Turkey, Republic of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Offer Belarus, Afghanistan and other countries.

External transit:

Due to its location on the transit highway and the Silk Road, Iran has one of the best opportunities for transit of goods, so it is one of the best investment opportunities for Merchants.In order to be able to do business between exporting and importing countries, Darya darane Toos Company has been operating since the beginning of the shipment from the country of origin, performing port and border ceremonies, carrying out transit operations through Iran and delivering goods to the final destination. 

Customs services:

Our experienced customs service representatives are always ready to assist you. Our vast knowledge of the cargo industry provides our customers with the best possible service. Our services include all types of road, air, sea and rail transportation.

Storage, unloading and loading services:

The most important potential of this company is to receive cargo from the source (land or water) on the means of transport anywhere in the world and perform transportation, unloading and loading operations and delivery at the desired destination of the customer with the most economical price and ideal quality.

Most customers incur huge costs due to the large number of companies and parties to the contract in the process of shipping, unloading and loading. By integrating and collecting all services in one set and minimizing the outsourcing of ancillary transportation, unloading and loading services, we have minimized costs and time and maximized delivery quality.

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