Help About Affiliate Marketing:

Sales Transportation Services and International Trading: Can be seen as a new approach to selling transportation services in marketing and international business. Sale International transport services means relationship between Traders and Transport Company for export or transit of commercial goods by road, rail, sea and air. At the first time, Intl transport co Daryadaran Toos started network marketing in the field of international transportation in Iran. This means that a person interested in trade and commerce with detailed study of the different parts of this site reaches a relative familiarity with the transportation of international and foreign trade and then can significant revenue gain with marketing in this field.

The type of financial agreement and the sales process:

The company has to protect its interests and co-workers, concludes a contract to start the process of selling services. In the agreement, the interests of both sides has been considered and the rights and responsibilities for each one is clear. It is important to note in the contract is that until Co. provides service to the customer, introduced by Affiliates. Our affiliate, has the role of a forwarder that provides a bridge between the owners and the company. The owners of the product refers to all those in need receive services such as the movement of goods from one country to another, customs services, port services and other services of this kind. Affiliate, with Search among the sites of factories and businessmen can find owners and traders. In all during this process if you need information or advice, Company sales personnel are 24 hours a day to provide information and answer questions of their sales partners.